Feel Good Fats

We create fats without animals, plants, or farmland.

Zero-carbon fats.

Our fats sizzle, spread, drip, and delight like the real thing because they are the real thing.

Why Fat?

7% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of fats and oils from animals and plants

from the production of fats and oils from animals and plants

Modern fat production is bad for the planet

Modern agricultural fat production requires massive amounts of water and farmland, and releases billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year.

Savor uses less than 1/1000th of the land and water, and reduces emissions to net zero.

Many “sustainable” foods still aren’t delivering on taste.

That little feeling of disappointment you get when you bite into the latest plant-based food? It’s because they got the fat wrong. As any chef will tell you, fat is flavor. It’s also a huge part of what makes food stick-to-your-ribs satisfying.

We’re here to make sustainable truly craveable.


+ Sustainable

= Impact

Fat has a recipe.

An icon of a brown pot.

The real molecular gastronomy

We start with the same simple ingredients plants use: carbon dioxide from the air and hydrogen from water. With a little bit of heat and technique, the fats take shape as chains of carbon and hydrogen, which are then blended with oxygen from the air to form the fat molecules familiar to us from milk, cheese, beef, or vegetable oils.

The Savor logo in a drippy rounded brown rectangle.

Fat in its purest form

The result is not a substitute. It’s real fat, made without animal suffering, without dangerous chemicals, and in the most carbon-efficient, least polluting way known to science. Maximally sustainable, maximally delicious.


We’re tackling dairy and beef fat first, because we believe that getting these fats right will help non-animal-based foods reach exponentially more mouths in a way that sticks.

Potential animal-free applications include:

  • a bowl of plant-based butter


  • a bowl of plant-based ground meat


  • a bowl of plant-based cheese


  • a glass of plant-based milk


  • a bowl of plant-based ice cream

    ice cream


Food-lovers. Scientists. Climate innovators.


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